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If you still have questions about the recording process or studio, please feel free to send us a message.

Can I bring my own audio engineer?

No. This is a private studio and we will always have our qualified in-house audio engineer.


What if my studio booking time runs out or finishes sooner?

You will only be charged  for the time you use the studio. If you finish early or stay past your booking, you will only be charged to the nearest half hour.


How many revisions can I have for a mix?

We're pretty confident we can have your track sounding how you want them within 3 revisions. However, if you want more revisions, it will be $75 per revision or; you can come back to the studio for a sit-in mixing session for $65 per hour.


If InterSound Studio publishes my music to streaming services, who keeps the royalties?

You keep all the royalties. We just charged a one time publishing fee to place your music onto streaming services, then all your royalties can be collected by you.

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